The Emerging Global Student Leader

The emerging global student leader – it is a student that likes to travel, that loves to be immersed in new contexts and cultures, that enjoys peeling back elements of culture to gain deeper understanding. They are not afraid to lead or activate or initiate. Their parents don’t mind putting them on planes. ‘I love airports!’ is one of their favorite sayings. Living in another culture for a season or a lifetime is a natural thought. They have lots of globes, maps and compasses. They think about how to make a dent in the universe by loving the unloved, engaging someone unlike themselves, and serving a world in need. Global missions looks different in light of a generation of this type of student and The Ember Cast was started as a response to tap this potential.

The Ember Cast is a tribe of missional leadership guides who, based on Biblical principles, catalyze students, and those that serve them, for the future of humanity.

We exist for these emerging global student leaders – to resource them, to connect them, to put them to work and to give them the platforms to lead. We also exist for those that serve them – parents, coaches, student pastors, and churches.

If these concepts resonates with you or a student that you know, get in touch. We’d love to connect. And of course, throw fire with you.

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