Mantras – why and how we do what we do:
We throw fire.
If your church is full of members, you get an occasional missionary. If your church is full of missionaries, the rest is geography. [Erwin McManus]
Catalyst is the primary paradigm.
In every apple, there is an orchard. [Alan Hirsch]
Context and culture matter.
Leadership identification and engagement is 25% of your job. [Bobby Clinton]
Start with the starters and sponges.
Get the right people on the bus. [Jim Collins]
The Gospel comes to you on its way to someone else [Alex McManus]
Students can be taught to live like missionaries in their own culture.
Self -> Serve -> Scale
The measure of you as a leader is not what you do, but what others do because of what you do. [Howard Hendricks]
Disciples are made on the road not in rows. [Kim Hammond]
People like us do things like this. [Seth Godin]
The primal essence of spiritual leadership is shaping and defining ethos. [Erwin McManus]

Started in 2010, The Ember Cast is a missional tribe that exists to resource and catalyze students to serve a world in need. We seek to engage emerging global student leaders, those students that are interested in global cultures, world missions, live a Gospel centered life and routinely proclaim, “I love airports!”

Core competencies of Ember include:
+ An internship program, called The ProtoGuide Experience, designed for high school seniors. This internship includes working with founder Tony Sheng for a school year in all Ember projects, which may include activities related to our competencies. There is also a significant amount of reading and writing related to current innovations in global missions.
+ Short term mission team pre-field training and post-field decompression.
+ Facilitating culture, service, leadership experiences for school and church student groups.
+ Leading a student summer team, traveling and serving with some of our brightest emerging global student leaders partnering some of the most creative and innovative workers in the global missions space today.

Our founder, Tony Sheng, is intentionally deeply involved with every activity around our competencies, honing the craft of discipling global leaders. He runs The Ember Cast bivocationally while also working full time as a database engineer and embraces the bivocational model both as part of his personal ministry philosophy and as a model for future missional leaders.

The Ember Cast is a 501(c)(3) organization, EIN: 27-0867072.


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